Chairman's Message

Countries throughout the world are shifting their focus towards Energy security to help sustain their growth in terms of all round development and economy. Sustainable development could be attained only if we have a socio-ecological-economic responsibility of saving our Mother Earth from the depleting conventional resources used for producing energy.

On account of this, Viridis Energy Private Ltd was formed to promote Solar Energy as the best alternative form of renewable energy to cater to the ever increasing energy demands of households, small medium and large industries, educational institutions, hospitals, public buildings etc in India and rest of the world.

The jubilant Viridis team comprising of energetic, talented specialists in the Solar field are working round the clock to deliver unmatched quality service to our customers upholding the company's vision and mission in being an end to end turnkey service provider in Solar energy and its applications

As a first step towards leaving our footprint on the entire supply chain of the Solar energy industry apart from the offering of EPC and O&M services for customers from kW size to several MW sizes of Solar power systems and power plants, we are in the process of establishing a structural steel fabrication facility at Tiruchirapalli to cater to the PV modules mounting racks requirements in addition to being a vendor for related structural steel applications throughout India and abroad.

Nevertheless our team is constantly working on venturing into the entire supply chain of the Solar industry while establishing itself as a competent company in India and abroad. Our strategic alliances in India and globally have helped us to penetrate deep into the market and create a mark for ourselves in the industry.

On a final note I would like to wish everyone a prosperous and a very happy new year. Let us work with honesty in actions and sincerity in duty to deliver the best to all our customers and accomplish our vision and mission with due diligence.

Mr. Sethuparakasam