Off-Grid Systems

Solar Grid-Tied Inverter

Did you know that intermittent power supply could damage your UPS-battery system due to discontinuous charging power from the Grid.

Charge your existing UPS-battery system using solar panels from sunrise to sunset and get uninterrupted power all the time.


We offer you a range of Viridis SOLIS packs (off-grid) to meet the energy demand of your home for various power requirements. The following are the packs that you can choose from: SOLIS500, SOLIS800, SOLIS1000, SOLIS1500 AND SOLIS2000.

A typical SOLIS1000 & SOLIS2000 home pack:



SOLIS Pack Components SOLIS1000 - Load Options SOLIS2000** - Load Options
Inverter * (bidirectional) A.5 tube lights + 5 fans +5 CFLs + 1 TV A.Lights, Fans, TV, DVD player, Computers and Refrigerator
SPV Modules *
Battery * B. 3 tube lights + 3 fans + 2 CFLs + 1 TV + 1 PC B. Lights, Fans, TV & Kitchen appliances
Charge Controller *
* imported   * for an average 2/3 bedroom house

The give SOLIS Packs are on the assumption that they work daily for 3 hours (40W Tube light, 14W CFL, 65W Fan, 200W TV and 250W Computer). Battery backup hours may be extended up to 6, 8 and 10 hours with 2 days of autonomy based on your requirement.